Each of employees HYDHOME HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS (hereinafter also - company), is part of a large, close-knit team, united by common goals and values, having its own traditions and internal corporate culture. Developing steadily and striving for continuous improvement of business processes, HYDHOME HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS is focused on long-term cooperation with each employee.

The development of the company and its employees is a synchronous two-way process, the company develops only together with its employees, and, in its own turn, the employee also develops along with the company.

The reality in which the company lives is shaped by its staff, therefore we understand that every person who is a member of our team is also a major resource and value.

For any team to achieve common goals and mutual understanding most effectively, rules and norms are needed that will underlie the interaction between its members. This policy is a collection of such rules and regulations - the Company Policy of HYDHOME HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS.

The policy of our company is a set of basic moral, ethical and business norms and principles that guide our employees in their professional activity. We hope for the conscious acceptance of these norms by each employee, since these norms were dictated and formed over a long time as a result of joint activities, creative, labor interaction between employees HYDHOME HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS.

Company's mission:
Creative activity aimed at high-quality and efficient meeting the needs of the Turkish and international market in promoting economic growth and development of the industry, ensuring the well-being of employees.
In relation to employees:
We welcome and create opportunities for professional growth and improvement of our employees.
In relation to partners:
We strive for long-term relationships with customers and partners by maintaining a high level of service, high quality products and effective implemented solutions, we offer partnerships to the participants in the market.
In relation to the environment:
We use raw material resources responsibly and conserve environment.
Company goal
Become a leader in manufacturing of our range of truck spare parts in the world, actively develop cooperation with foreign customers and partners.
• responsibility to our customers and partners
• responsibility to employees
• social responsibility
• positive business reputation for many years
• quality control at all stages of production and interaction with customers and partners
• professionalism and improvement
• health and safety at work and the environment

Interaction with customers and partners

Maintaining a high level of service is a priority in activities of our company. To consistently meet expectations of our customers and partners, it is necessary:

  • act respectfully, honestly, and openly in their work with customers and partners based on the principle of mutual benefit
  • provide assistance and advice in accordance with interests of customers and partners
  • Provide timely and quality service and response to customers and partners requests
  • create all conditions for long-term cooperation with customers and partners
  • provide customers and partners, at their request and on their own initiative, with all information about our company, provided that this information is classified as a trade secret
  • ensure the confidentiality of information about customers and partners
  • Attentively and objectively treat comments, complaints and claims against our company
  • if necessary, advise customers and partners on the consideration of and satisfaction of complaints and complaints
  • timely and carefully consider emerging difficulties and conflicts, quickly resolve claims and complaints, and take the necessary measures to eliminate the consequences of the violations committed
  • for poor quality or untimely satisfaction of needs of customers and partners, the responsibility is equally borne by the employee and his immediate supervisor.

When working with suppliers, employees of HYDHOME HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS should proceed from the following principles:

  • procurement of raw materials or goods and/or services necessary to ensure production process, as well as to maintain internal business processes is only within the competence of authorized employees/supervisors
  • when dealing with suppliers, employees must act strictly in the interests of the factory without the protection or preference of third parties
  • procurement of the necessary products/services should be carried out proceeding only from the ratio of “quality-cost-reliability”
  • employees responsible for the procurement of required services or products must not initiate and accept (directly or indirectly) payment, gifts, or something like that of value, from the actual or potential supplier of our enterprise as a token of gratitude for concluded transaction.

The basic principle of interaction between all employees is respect personality and human dignity, openness and goodwill, willingness to help a colleague.

  • in all their actions, the employees of our factory must show and affirm their respect for each other and for the contribution that each contributes to the common cause
  • respecting the dignity of each other, employees of the company should not allow rudeness and rudeness, obscene expressions, whatever the situation
  • discrimination and hostility towards any employee based on his nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, physical handicap or the same his relatives or friends should not be admitted in any way
  • an appeal to a colleague should begin with his name and patronymic, or with mutual agreement only with the name
  • interpersonal conflicts should not be reflected in any way professional interaction between the conflicting parties
  • both sides of the interpersonal conflict that has arisen must be resolved it as soon as possible; if the parties do not reach an agreement, they are entitled to seek help from immediate supervisors
  • conflicts that have arisen while solving official tasks are subject to settlement by the leaders of the conflicting parties
  • personal, intimate, informal communications between employees in the walls of the company are prohibited
  • employees and their human right to private (privacy) life should be respected
  • it is necessary to observe the norms of public morality in relationships
  • should refrain from non-constructive and unreasoned criticism of an employee, to show tact in case of justified criticism
  • respect for qualifications and professional experience of employees
  • employees' working hours should be valued
  • measures must be taken to prevent and resolve conflicts of interest
  • measures should be taken to prevent corruption
  • during working hours, it is forbidden to engage in matters not related to performance of official duties
  • one should always apologize for their incorrect behavior
  • friendly relations should not be transferred to the work environment
  • help colleagues, share knowledge and experience
  • praise colleagues for a job well done
  • It is recommended to discuss the problems of your career growth not with colleagues, but with the immediate supervisor
  • it is necessary to stop intrigues, rumors, gossip
  • do not discuss wages with other employees within and without the company.

One of the most important tasks of a leader is to enable subordinate employee to grow and develop professionally, to see prospects for its activities in the context of the functioning of the entire

enterprises, to feel belonging to a common cause.

The leader should:

  • optimally organize the functioning of the team entrusted to him and consider the abilities of employees so that each of them can work at the highest level and enjoy the labor
  • to stimulate personal successes and achievements of employees
  • demonstrate a high level of professionalism
  • encourage initiative, creativity, independence of thinking of employees
  • keep employees informed of decisions made maintain a friendly business atmosphere in the team,
  • prevent possible conflicts between employees
  • remember that the responsibility for compliance with corporate ethics and other norms of local regulations lies both on the leader and his/her subordinates
  • remember that the lack of proper publicity breeds distrust and misunderstanding
  • constantly communicate with subordinates, receive feedback, be ready for reasonable compromises.

The functional subordinate should:

  • observe official subordination when interacting with the head
  • contact the immediate supervisor by name and patronymic, or by name if mutually agreed (appeal to other managers also by name and patronymic, unless otherwise mutually agreed);
  • interact with other managers only through their immediate supervisor or in agreement with them
  • contact the line manager for help with the occurrence of a difficult, difficult or controversial situation related to with professional activities
  • when meeting in a corridor or in an open area, greetings must be followed by the subordinate first
  • one entering the room (including the head) is the first to greet those present in the room.

Staff working in our company are responsible for compliance with the norms of all local regulations, this company policy, current legislation in the field of labor, as well as generally recognized human norms of morality:

  1. staff of the company is responsible for the quality of their work
  2. staff of the company is personally responsible for maintaining the working environment and socio-psychological interactions in the team
  3. staff of the company is responsible to colleagues and managers for infliction of any damage to the company not only by one's own actions, but also by inaction
  4. staff of the company is responsible for the efficient use of his/her working hours
  5. staff of the company is actively involved in the prevention of any illegal actions by other employees, customers, partners, and others.
HYDHOME HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS is responsible for compliance with the norms of all local regulations, this company policy, current legislation in the field of labor, as well as generally recognized human norms of morality and ethics, namely:
A. is responsible for providing all staff with decent and adequate level of wages
B. is responsible for creating optimal working conditions for each staff
C. is responsible for supporting and developing the initiative and production "know-how" of staff
D. is responsible for creating equal conditions for professional and career development of all staff.
  1. Employees of the company are obliged to follow safety precautions and observe caution at work. If an employee is injured while performing their functional duties, he/she should immediately inform about incident to the immediate supervisor.
  2. Employees must comply with the following rules:
    • turn off all lighting devices when lighting is not needed
    • turn off all computers and other factory equipment after completion of work
    • set all thermostats of air conditioning systems to pre-set a certain level.
  3. In case of suspicion or the occurrence of a fire, it is necessary to report this to security service.
  4. All company employees need to keep their work area clean and follow safe work practices.
  5. Comply with all rules related to the ban on smoking.
  6. All hazardous circumstances or dangerous work practices of employees should be reported to the immediate supervisor.

Information is the most important intangible asset of a company.

  1. Disclosure of confidential information is a violation of the terms of the employment contract with an employee on the part of the latter and entails liability up to including termination.
  2. Similar sanctions may be applied to an employee who has committed any transfer to third parties or organizations of information that is harmful to the image and reputation of the company.
  3. Any negative information about the company or its leaders, distributed or transferred by the employee to third parties, as well as information, which can be unequivocally interpreted as discrediting the reputation company is considered by management as a violation of the terms of employment contracts.
Our Company Sincerely Hopes That You Consciously Accept The Rules And Regulations Described In This Company Policy Of Hydhome Hydraulic Equipments, And Thereby Contribute To Development Of Our Company!
Ceo Mustafa Büyüksari