BAŞEL HYDRAULIC AUTOMOTIVE with its brand HYDHOME HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS has been offering hydraulic spare parts for commercial vehicles around the world with the highest commitment to quality.

SINCE 1962
Hyd Home first-generations


It all started in 1962 when Mustafa BÜYÜKSARI, also known as English Mustafa for his intelligence and engineering capabilities in his city, opened a small lathe and welding workshop from scratch and named it BAŞEL. While offering his best services in town English Mustafa began to research and to engineer to be able to manufacture his own lathe machine. Finally, in 1978 after putting years of hard work with more than a decade of experience he managed to produce not only his but also country’s first ever Universal Power Lathe Machine, which brought him an enormous attention from the government and other countries. Thus, he paved a way for his generation to achieve for GREATNESS.

“A true artist fades away at the height of their passion”
English Mustafa
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After English Mustafa started experiencing health issues, his son Ihsan BÜYÜKSARI took a step forward to hold on the company and continued to develop BAŞEL. During those years there was a fast-growing technological innovation in transportation and logistics, in 1993 Ihsan BÜYÜKSARI without any doubt of his skills decided to take company to a whole new level and started manufacturing aftermarket truck spare parts for BMC such as clutches, gears, etc. and BAŞEL AUTOMOTIVE was born.

“In the old times big fish would win by eating smaller fish, nowadays small fish win by swimming faster than bigger fish”
Founder İhsan BÜYÜKSARI
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While working at a small manufacturing shop Ihsan BÜYÜKSARI’s son, Mustafa BÜYÜKSARI named after his grandfather English Mustafa, would spend his spare time discovering the engineering after the school. This led a young boy to a curiosity which later turned into a dream of taking BAŞEL AUTOMOTIVE to the world arena and compete with the bests.

In 2011, young man with his fire in his heart took a first step to fulfill family’s dream of becoming a global brand by establishing BAŞEL HYDRAULIC AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY AND TRADING LTD. CO. as well as patenting a trademark HYDHOME HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS.

Mustafa BÜYÜKSARI has had a great vision which was to become a master in one thing, with this idea he shortened the long list of the truck spare parts that his father was manufacturing at the time to only 3 major product lines such as STEERING CYLINDERS (also known as power steering slave cylinder), CABIN TILTING CYLINDER and CABIN TILTING PUMP.

In 2016, becoming the CEO of BAŞEL HYDRAULIC AUTOMOTIVE, Mustafa BÜYÜKSARI did the company’s first ever export under HYDHOME HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENTS trademark which took him a step closer to turning his dream into reality.

“An unshakeable faith and a truthful desire are proven ways to build unbreakable character in order to succeed.”