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The Cabin Lift Cylinder is a critical component in commercial vehicles, particularly lorries and trucks where it is used to facilitate tilting of the driver's cab.

The pressure provided by a manual or electric cab lift pump causes the cylinder shaft to move upwards, triggering the cab to tilt forward.

This tilting facilitates vehicle access to the engine and transmission, making repair and maintenance work safer and more comfortable.

The locking mechanism of the cab lift cylinder secures the cab in the desired position.

To ensure the consistent durability of the cylinder, first-class materials such as strong raw materials and long-lasting sealing elements are carefully selected, thus ensuring protection against all factors.

State-of-the-art machinery is used to precisely process the shape of the semi-finished materials.

After the semi-finished parts have passed quality control, the assembly process, one of the most important processes in manufacturing, takes place.

Comprehensive quality control tests are carried out to guarantee the robustness of the cylinder. Thus, it is ready to be delivered to vehicle manufacturers and valued customers.

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